Once upon a pie

Small pastry parcels stuffed with flavour and fierce filling combinations.
A great bite with your beer or to fill a hole on-the-go, either way this snack packs a delicious punch...


Inspired by the pasty and their exotic cousins, Eli’s small but feisty pastry parcels made their mark on the streets of Notting Hill Carnival. Originally baked from a household kitchen in Blighty, Eli’s mission was to provide practical festival food with heart and soul. A fusion of flavours stuffed to the crust with fresh and healthy ingredients, perfectly portioned to grab-and-go get your groove on. 


The thing is, I grew up hating pastry. Everything I ate never seemed quite right. Pastry was either tough as old boots or a soggy bottomed mess... 

In 2009 whilst  joke broke, my chef aunty Helen offered me 3 weeks of work.
"You're making pastry'' she said, ''and you're not doing anything else." By hand she forgot to add, but never a was lesson better learned. I was hooked! Three weeks later I created the ''Shelverdine''.  From then on I wanted to enjoy all my favourite flavours wrapped in a glorious golden, decadent, pastry parcel. I wanted to tour the world in 3-4 moreish bites that could be dipped, downed or dunked. I didn't realise I was obsessed until I was obsessed!

In 2010, Eli's Pies were born in the backstreets of Dalston. Sort of a pasty, sort of an enchilada, these sun shaped pies reflected the mood and feeling when you ate them, Warm and filled with goodness, you can't help but smile when you take a bite. 'Eat Happy' then became my mantra and ultimate goal. 

I took my pies to make their mark at Notting Hill Carnival in 2011 and were an instant hit. My friends named the business before I did, apparently it rolled off the tongue... And now they find their way you in local pubs and watering holes.

My pie mission is to simply provide a snack to feed hungry souls. Soul food isn't just about great taste, it's really about feeling good inside and out. Fresh, quality ingredients combined with exciting flavour combinations that let your taste buds shimmy and make you smile ear to ear... Then reach for another pie!

So there's my story.

Hope you love them as much as me.
Do share your favourites and filling ideas! I love feedback. 

Elisha :-)


Living well is eating well - Today a healthy yet hearty diet couldn’t be more desirable. Wrap this up in homemade pastry, small enough to pop in your pocket, and you have a great little snack to keep you smiling from the inside out. #eathappy



All our pies are available in three sizes: SMALL £1.20  /  MEDIUM 2.50  /  LARGE 3.00
Available for wholesale or event orders. 


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